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Heres Something That Came To Me Suddenly... I Know It Sucks.

And from the darkness the shadows rise. Dancing their way across the ruined horizon like leaves on a mild October wind. The dim barely visible passing flashes of light illuminate them just enough to show features of their featureless faces. And with the harmony of a supernova they all begin to sing, joining in a song of mislabeled celebration. It tears your soul apart; it creates a void in the place where a heart once set in stone. Rivers of fire pour out over the skies burning the stars and blackening the moon. Fear engulfs you, taking away your breathe. Burning you from the inside out your blood begins to boil. Your mind stops trying to comprehend what is happening. You have become nothing more than a puppet for fear, as you enslaved body ceases the ability to move. You stand there erect watching as the very depths of Hell come pouring out around you. Run your thoughts try and scream, but their foreboding cries are nothing more that whispers now.
And then you realize this is the end, your life is over. That’s why you fear the coming darkness. Not only that though but you start to slowly see that its not just your end but the end of all. All life, all time, all everything. Then like some rushing wave something deeper and stronger moves inside you. Engulfing the fear, regaining control. It is our basic need, our basic power. The will for survival, and all fear is gone. The shadows before you now start to take forms, becoming more demonic like. You look at them all as they close in on you. As they begin to advance with one last power driven strike. You look up and you smile a devilish grin. You know this is it; all there is now is victory. There is no way to lose. Even if you win though what is the purpose or the reason, is it really worth living now. Who will be your new master? Fate, Gods, Humanity, or will you be your own?
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