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Mother Nature playing God's melody

Mother Nature playing God’s melody

In the barren waste of nothingness
Surrounding me in the form of a loud sandy storm
Arousing from sleep when the trickles of rain could be heard
The beauty and splendor formed,
Mother Nature

The sound of the birds in the trees
In the window next to where I am seated in class
Helping me to pass the hour away
As I dream myself running in the beautiful green grass

The flowers calling to me from outside
Tapping the glass as if calling me
The wide-open space is so welcoming and fresh
As I lay myself down, I stare at the sky and see

The sound of rain pouring outside
The feel of the wind blowing away my fears
It’s comforting and soothing as it plays a tune
That lulls me to sleep…in a sheer

I made this poem for the lit mag at our school. I don't know if it will end up there but I just want to share it with you guys. Please see if it's ok..
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